Keyword Strategy

How i can promote High Traffic Keyword & What Strategy I adopt for the Keyword on Ist Position

Is this a new site? Why are you going after high keywords? Have you effectively managed the longtail for easier small keywords already?

I only use one strategy in finding my keywords that is more density with less competition.

Check out strategy of your competitors i.e what sort of tasks they are performing and then make your strategy accordingly.

Strategy would depend on the level of competition those high traffic keywords are having. Whenever you will pick a keyword in any niche, you will have to keep a balance between the level of competition and the level of traffic those keywords bring.

If it is a new site, I would target low or medium traffic keyword to start off as they are likely easier to rank as compared to the high traffic ones. Anyway, creating content that worth sharing is probably the golden rule for link bait - which is ultimately what we are aiming for =)

Simple answer. Spend more time on a little bit longer tailed keywords incorporating your major keywords on every resource possible. Remember, the new Google algo rules for link building could be summed up as “relevancy” + “visibility” + “clickability”


To promote your keyword you can use prefix and postfix with your keyword. You can do article submission for your sites.

Hi dude, Try to focus on high density with low level competion keywords. Just try to optmize lot of keywords and bring it to the 1st position. Hope this would be helpful.

Do some keyword research with a keyword tool or in google adwords. Create a lot of articles on those keywords and then build back links to your site.

Try to manage your ranking for small competitive Keywords first. if your website is new and if your website got a good rank in small Keywords ranking then you’re ready to look for a big fish.

First do proper on-page optimization for good and solid foundation then start doing of-page activities, as high traffic keywords you need to perform very quality SEO work.

You can do directory submission for your websites.

complete SEO including onpage and off page.

Use combination of SEO & PPC.

More the searches and less the competition…those are the keywords to be picked and played with…

I evaluate the keyword popularity by targeting most popular and less competitive keywords.I usually select one or two medium-popular keywords or phrases per page. These are my main targets, and I optimize heavily for them.I also use a 2 percent keyword density.I prefer long tail keywords over short tail.For long tail keywords there is less competition so you can rank on the first page of Google for long tail keywords far easier than ranking for short tail keywords.