Keyword Research and Analyses

Hello guys,

I am not new to search engine optimization, but neither would I class myself as an expert of competitive at it.

I understand that the content is important with the website, and without relative content it would be hard to rank. However, do people write content with keywords to mind, and do they normally perform keyword research and analyses to see which keywords are typed the most?

I think search engines are sceptical the keyword densities, and thus it’s not so important now.

I know of Alexa and WordTracker which can find trends and so forth. I never really used WordTracker.

Well, if WordTracker is not a freeware, then there are others you can use without the fees. I hate paying for tools, too. But hey, if they are worth it and if they are the best, then why not?

One free tool is the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator.

And then, of course, there’s Google Insights for Search.

Why you ignore WordTracker it really good tool. WordTracker paid version is gives you exactly search volume for your targeted keywords.


Thanks, they are really helpful. The first link is more useful for me. I can type in “SEO” and it shows me which terms are searched the most. Therefore, like “best seo” and so forth. This means I can optimize pages on my site for those terms.

I understand that keyword density is not that important any more, but having the right headings and so forth will play an important role.

Does anybody have experience with WordTracker. I hate paying for things, so, is this service worth it?