Keyword Optimization For Surrounding Areas ..?

Keyword Optimization

Hi Friends,
I say question? How to determine what locality to target to Keyword Optimization , I don’t know -what is Keyword Optimization For Surrounding Areas …?

hi friend,
first of all you look your potential market in target area and make a niche keywords related to surrounding area, those keywords used in that area by common people for your product or service.


Google keyword tool allows you to check whether the keyword you choose is a competitive one or less in that.

For regional traffic, you need to optimize your website for local audience

  • Set your Geo target location
  • Submit your website to local search engines
  • Submit your website to Google maps, Yahoo! local search, Yahoo local listing etc.
  • Get listed on local classifieds
  • Get backlinks from websites of target countries

use google keyword to compare the number of searches, don’t forget to change the country and language and based on local monthly searches you can choose your optimized keyword.

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