Keyword Monitoring Tool Question

Hi guys! I just want to ask, is there a free or paid tool that you can use to monitor mass keywords for multiple domains?

Lets say for example I have around 100 travel sites that I want to generate a keyword ranking reports for each month on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Is there any way to make the checking of the keywords on SERP for multiple domains faster and easier?

Thanks in advance.

Although there’s a lot of work to be done, I believe you better outsource this to someone else to check manually your positions for different keywords, it’s always more accurate.

Ya there are also paid keyword ranking checker tool and you can search it by typing in google as keyword ranking checker tool or paid keyword ranking checker tool.
But I believe in only manually ranking check process. Coz a s i have tried many tools, no one is accurate, there are always some infraction manually and by tool checked ranking.

i use IBP business promoter

Thanks. But hiring someone to do the job is not really very practical.

You are right about that. Checking it manually is always a good thing. But for a multiple domain, let’s say around 200-300 domains a week would be a stress if you do it manually.

IBP sounds good but I haven’t tried using it for multiple domains. How good is this tool if you don’t mind?

If you need to output a report, IBP is the way to go. I’ve not had to use it on 200-300 domains each week though. That seems excessive and you might want to ask yourself how much you really need to see a report such as that. What would it be good for?

If you just need to check the rankings then the firefox rank checker plugin is hard to beat.

Oh okay… Thanks for that response. So there is no existing tool like that right?