Keyword Density, How much is too much?

I agree with this answer. Always write for audience.

If you have to ask, then it’s probably too much.

When we say keywords, do we consider compound words (number of words per phrase)? It seems to me different tools (SEOchat, webconfs, …) out there uses different meaning of keywords when calculating keywords density.

So if I am selling light and accessories (for example light bulb, light switch, light blah blah), “light” will have too much density but my aim is for the other words “light bulb” or “light switch”.

How keyword density in this case works?

You ignore it and write as if you were talking to a HUMAN.
Forget about keyword density. It is a waste of waffles.

Yes I did.

I am referring to a category page (of a e-commerce site) in that I list all products belonged to that category. Let’s say that category is Bose audio. I will have Bose speaker, Bose speakerphone, Bose headerphone, Bose amplifier, Bose receiver …

Normally that category page will be just list of item names and prices. However I am afraid that Google will think that try to spam the keyword “Bose” which I am not.

Currently I fix it by adding text content that talking about Bose audio, how good it is, how it it works, expert opinions on it. These text content may distract customers. Also it takes time to write a good one.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

Keywords density should be 3-4% in content.

Exact keyword density should be 3.5% . Even 4% also make spam. You can use synonyms for some words. Because new Google algorithm also track synonyms for your keywords.

You two are 100% wrong. Don’t give advice on things you know nothing about.

If this is only a category page then I wouldn’t add too much text to describe what is on the page. Unless the user specifically needs to know on that page some links to your products would be ideal.

If this is the case then why not omit the word “Bose” from your items and just add one large heading?

If there is no need for customers to read this then there is no need for it to be on the page.

From what I can hear you have nothing to worry about in regards to spam. The best thing I can suggest to you is to simply design the pages to make it as easy as possible for users to click around and get what they need.

Google isn’t stupid, and it won’t penalise you if you’re selling Bose products and each item contains the word Bose.

Thank you ULtiMATE for your detail response. I agree that Google should be smart and sometimes we focus (or actually worry) too much about SE but not the customers.

Appreciate it.

In the Content keyword can be used up to 2% is good for the website to rank better in the SERP.

Care to share where you got that 2% figure from?

4% - 5% max…at least i go for it

It helps matters if you actually read what people have written before you, people who know more than you and have already shown your statement to be COMPLETELY FALSE.

enough of the diatribe - thread closed