Keyboard Navigation not workin for dropdown menu with superfish.min.js

I am trying my menu to be accessible to all. I have used superfish.min.js The interesting point that is notable is that the script gets loaded properly. The HTML code is well written. The class name is applied fine and even the superfish.min.js accesses it exactly. When I check the menu it does gets the fadding effect applied by the superfish.min.js but what is not happening is that the keyboard tab navigation does not show the dropdown menu. It is odd. Because superfish.min,js is partly working (fading effect) and partly not wroking (keyboard tab navigation). The version of superfis.min.js is v1.7.5

Please help me!

Little addition: I am using FF (33.1) and in the same browser when I open this ( and check the blue colored menu as an example it works fine with both mouse and keyboard. Anything am I missing?

Thank you all.

No need reply. I have solved the issue.

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