Keeping up to date with conferences and talks

I’m just curious to know how you guys keep up to date and ‘in the know’, so the speak, in regards to upcoming conferences and talks regarding web development (in particular) and programming - preferably within Australia.

In the past I have found myself finding out about these things usually after they have passed. Are there any particular sites I should keep up to date with or follow?

Any tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the links guys. I’m glad this thread gave some people ideas =)

There’s a couple of great articles out there (as most conferences take place around the same time each year, they still are relevant):

You’ll find out about these events and conferences by reading Web magazines (print and Web based) and the blogs of prominent industry professionals. As for Australia, SitePoint will no doubt run an article or blog post on any upcoming Australian Web events :wink:

Thank you both for such a brilliant idea! :smiley: I’m on it right now! :wink:

Andrew Cooper

Edit: This page from Web seems to be pretty damn in-depth and there’s another page [URL=“”]here too. I’m going to create something similar to these two pages though anyway! :slight_smile:

You should make a particular site with updates…