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I am building a website for a client, and they want email addresses setting up, I can do this on my hostgator account and can give them the password as I have done this before, then get them to fetch the emails on gmail.

They have asked me the question how to make them confidential, so that it will only be them that know the passwords, not even myself and they don’t want me to access the emails in any way Is there any way of doing this?

Hopefully I’ve explained my situation properly.

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I’m presuming you’re either using a Reseller account or Dedicated server. If so your client will have their own Cpanel account that you set up which gives them full control with setting up email accounts fully independently of yourself.

Hi, Thank you for your response and I apologise for my delayed response.

I’ve got the “Baby Croc” package.

I have found this video, is this the way to set one up?

So I assume I can create a cpanel account for them and only put their email accounts on it?

Thanks in advance

It sounds as if you have standard shared hosting account. You can’t give your client separate access to that type account.

What you need to is a Reseller account, that way you can set up each clients site as a totally separate entity to your own. That means they will have their own Cpanel login in which they can manage their own email accounts.

Yes my plan is to change it to a reseller account.

I was told by hostgator that even if I create a cpanel account for my customer that I will still be able to gain access to their emails, is this correct?

If it is that I’ll still have access to their emails then I assume that the only way they can have sole access to their emails is for them to have a hosting account with hostgator themselves?

Technically yes, because you manage their hosting account (via a reseller account) you have access to everything, that’s really needed in case there’s a problem. The same would apply if your client purchased their own hosting, their web host would still technically be able to access everything.

The only possible solution would be for them to co-locate their own server at a data centre, but even then system admins would probably have root access to perform things like security audits, and software upgrades if permitted.

At the end of the day there has to be a certain amount of trust with a web host with data like emails. It’s not like hosts nose into data like emails without a valid reason - hey haven’t got time, and probably wouldn’t be interested.

Lastly if they’re importing email into Gmail then Google knows what the contents of their email are!

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