Keeping Chrome window position and size constant

One of my ongoing problems has been trying to maintain the size and position of Google Chrome browser windows between reloads. I have finally worked out how to do it, so for those of you who have a similar beef, here is the method.

To permanently set the Chrome window size and position add the following switches to the shortcut that opens Chrome. You can adjust the path and numbers to suit your own situation.

“C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --window-position=200,50 --window-size=1400,900

To apply these switches, right click the Chrome shortcut and choose “properties”. Add the switches to the target text box. Start each switch with a space followed by – and then the switch as shown above. A second switch can be added by leaving a space and then writing the next one. The switches used here are

Don’t leave any spaces within the switch.
Always start a switch with a space and then –
Place the switches outside the path quotes (“”).

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