Keep Product table cells the same height regardless of content

Hi guys,

I want to even out or equalize the height on my E-Commerce product display regardless of the size of a product description.
In other words it must allow table cells to expand if there is more content in one than another but it must also allow those cells with not so much content to be the same size as the ones that expand in order to keep everything uniformed.

I understand this can be pretty complex and the css rules will differ due to the inconsistent browser support for the min-height property. Anyway I am going to paste the html here and I am open to any suggestions.
Thanks in advance :wink:

<a class="wrap_link" href="">
<img class="cat_product_img" alt="Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite -3" title="Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite -3" src="" >
<div class="underlay">
<div class="prod_name">Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite -3</div>

If they’re in the same TR, that should happen automatically… if they aren’t all in the same TR… you’re SOL. (sh… sh… somewhat outta luck)

Though given the amount of stuff you’re shoving in your TD, I start to doubt you even have tabular data.

… and that title should probably be on the anchor, not the image – there’s rarely a legitimate excuse for stuffing a title on a image; NOT that I’d have that title or just the image as the link, since I’d try to put the text from below that in the link too. I’d have to see what you are trying to do with it visually though to say for certain as AGAIN, snippets are meaningless – ESPECIALLY when it comes to layout questions.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. As it goes most of what you see above in <td> is what the CMS Opencart puts inside each product, i.e. I didn’t put it there and it works just fine cross-browser so I’m not too worried about that or the title tag, its just that in certain situations its not expanding correctly and that is as I believe you explained because each table cell will expand automatically.

I have been trying to set a height on things inside , I think it’s prob better to let the table cells do my work for me.