Keep Parent Hover State While Submenu is Hovering

I have a menu when you hover over a parent item and proceed to select a submenu item, the parent loses its hover state (instead of the link text being white, it goes to grey). How may I fix this?

Thank you.

Well, show us your current attempt and we will work from there :).

Okay, my bad. Brainfart: here is the link.


Set the colour when the list is hovered: > li:hover > a {color:#fff}

If you need ie6 support then you would need to do it in two stages as it doesn’t understand the child selector.
e.g.  li:hover a {color:#fff} li li:hover a{color:#9d9fa2}

Of course you’d need to substitute the hover routine instead of the li:hover as it doesn’t understand that either. However as you are using the xml declaration then Ie6 is in quirks mode anyway and completely broken.

In IE7 the menu goes under the image below and you need to set a z-index on the main parent of the ul.