Kaspersky Labs hacked


They are downplaying it, and are “confident” that no serious loss of data occurred.


Yeah well… I guess this is not good for their sales… How much protection can you get from a security company that can’t protect themselves? Although, I know, they’re supposed to be expert in viruses, most anti-virus come with their own firewall and systems to detect intrusions… so still…


Hey, at least they have justifiable reasons for it. You can’t expect a soldier on the front lines to never get scratched, right? Besides, it can’t be as bad as Fifth-Third’s password standards:

  • Required: Must be 6-12 characters.
  • Required: Cannot contain special characters.
  • Recommended: A lowercase letter.
  • Recommended: An uppercase letter.
  • Recommended: A number.

Being a popular bank in the U.S. with those kinds of password standards is almost beyond belief in today’s world… I guess they must be locked down to a schema or something (or else they just lack leadership)…

I agree that it is ridiculous (or laughable)

That is precisely the case. The problem faced by so many banks is that they still have back-end systems written in Cobol !!


I doubt their use of COBOL has anything to do with the security of their front-facing websites or applications. COBOL would just be a bottom tier number cruncher. Nothing more.

TBH, anyone/any company can get hacked no matter what their security is. I would only have a problem with a security company being hacked if it was because they failed to implement good practice and protect against vulnerabilities known by the security community.

It said the intrusion involved up to three previously unknown techniques

They say there are two kinds of companies, those who know they have been hacked, and those who don’t know they have been hacked.

I wouldn’t use a Russian security company at the moment anyway, because of the political situation in Russia.

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