Just got started! :)

just got started on learning php, i just want to ask, what are the important things or components to keep in mind or to focus? mainly dealing with front end web development with cms frameworks. thank you in advance :smile:

Welcome to PHP! :smile:

All I can say is, make sure you read and learn from the most up-to-date tutorials, whether they are about Javascript, which you’ll need for front-end development, about PHP or even frameworks. If you are just learning, also don’t jump right into frameworks, if you have no real programming experience. Learn the basics of the language(s) first. About the tutorials or advice on programming, if the content is older than a year or two, be sceptical. Try to find content that is less than a year old, if you can.


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Hi Jeff and welcome to the forum.

PHP has an excellent Online Help with a lot of examples which I find very useful.



Check out the above functions which should be at the top of every localhost page:


// Debugging - locally only and NOT ONLINE
   $alwaysCheckResult = error_reporting(-1); // maximum errors
   $alwaysCheckResult = ini_set( 'display_errors', "true");

// check debugging works
   echo $x = $y/$x;

Always read any error messages and maybe check the online PHP Manual for further information.

If you see any PHP tutorial with function names beginng with mysql_ then steer well clear of it as them functions belong to the “mysql_*” extension which has been removed from PHP as of version 7 of PHP. The best “extension” for use with interacting with a mysql database is PDO


I think that http://www.phptherightway.com/ is the page you are looking for.

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Hello! I am also just starting to learn PHP! And it will be interesting to read the thoughts
of those who are knowledgeable about this! Where to start? Which
points need special attention and more advanced study? I will be very
grateful to hear your thoughts! Thank you!

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thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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