Just find this page... horizontal website.... any reaction please

what kind of software are use in this site… is their any tutorial given to this???

i loving this site i want to make one!!

[FONT=Verdana]Any reaction? Yes. Don’t build a site like that one. :slight_smile:

I followed your link and saw:

Despite what the message says, there is nothing wrong with my browser, which is the latest version of Firefox. I simply choose to browse with JavaScript disabled - and that appears to be their idea of providing alternative content for those without JavaScript. :nono:[/FONT]

The effects you see on that site are mostly created by JavaScript. Often that effect is called “parallax”, so you could Google “jquery parallax” to find some scripts.

As TechnoBear said, the site is faulty in that it goes down in flames with JS disabled. That’s really bad web design. There should be a usable fallback for all users. (It’s kind of incredible that people can be clever enough to write scripts like that, but totally ignorant of basic web design principles like progressive enhancement. Beggars belief, really. :rolleyes: )

Ha that’s funny. Why don’t they just say turn js on. Here is how you make a horizontal website. Works fine with js off too http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/horizontal-website.php. The vertical movement I believe is done with the same jquery plugin. Never seen how that functions with js off.

Keeping the website aside. I do not feel there is anything particularly wrong with a horizontal browsing website. If you have a good design, you can go ahead and give it a shot.