Just bought a Wacom tablet - how to start drawing?

I originally just bought the tablet cos it was cheap and it might help with a few design bits for websites.

But after having messed around with it, i found it fun with all the different brushes you can make.

Now I really want to learn how to draw and paint on the computer using the tablet. How do I learn?

You are probably thinking i should start with pencil and paper, yeh thats probably a good place to start, but since i just bought a tablet, i thought i might use it !

I know drawing requires a lot of practice, but how do I actuallt make a start ? Whats the learning process?

Yes paper and Pencil would be the first thing to use to practice. and IMO they are faster than a Wacom tablet!! :wink:
did you look a these tips at wacom.com?
The key here is to practice again and again and again! Training is the most important thing :wink: it will take you some time to be good and comfortable with it :wink:
which one did you get?

other nice links:

How would I go about training? Any good books or websites? Or would i need to take a course or something?

I got the Volito2. Ok its bottom of the barrell, but im hardly gonna splash out on better one with no experience of tablets.

just visit the links above and practice by yourself try to draw things etc to test everything and you will improve your skills soon :slight_smile: