Just artboard saved in illustrator?

hi all,
This is probably a dumb question,

but i have created a circle in illustrator - ive designed it so that only a quarter of it is actually on the document setup/artboard…

Problem is when i export this as a tiff - it saves the whole illustrator file - ie the whole circle - everything off the artboard/document as well…

How do i save it so that it just saves whats on the white artboard?

see attached!

In Illustrator CS4 when you go to the Export window, look at the bottom of the box. There should be a checkbox called “Use Artboards”. Check that ON to save just what is on the artboard. Uncheck it to save the drawn objects regardless of where they are (ie. off the ‘page’).

Not sure about previous versions.

I noticed that saving for web formats look only at the artboard also if that is any help.

yay thanks it worked!

Or you could use a mask to get rid of the other three quarters.