Junkie or Junky? How to spell it?

I’m about to register a domain and part of the domain name should be “junkie” or “junky”.

I just don’t no the correct way to spell it? Somebody please help.

Just to let you know English is not my first language.



Yes, Junkie.

Although the other is a variant spelling (but not used).

“A junkie (junky is a less frequent variant spelling) is someone addicted to drugs, particularly heroin”

Funny because I thought it was junkie, but I just checked on Amazon for William Burroughs’ book (it’s one of my favourite books) and it is spelt Junky.

Dictionary.com says both spellings are valid

Thank you all.

I think I’m going for the “junky”-way of spelling it. I think it looks better in a logo.

I have always seen junkie, but Junky sounds the same :wink:

Yup I’ve always seen “a” junkie also because my friend does drugs :slight_smile:

I actually thought it was junky and never knew it was junkie.