"Jump Start PHP Environment" ebook - not working

In page 63 of the Jump Start PHP Environment ebook there’s a section Git in Action that’s not working for me. I’m doing EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP, exactly how it says in the book.

It all works fine until Creating a “Hello World” page:

  1. In the hi_phpenv folder, create a new folder name phpenv. You can do this either through your host machine’s file explorer or via the Terminal / Git Bash with mkdir phpenv. Change into the directory with cd phpenv.
  2. Make a new file called index.php and give it the contents:
    <?php echo "Hello World";
  3. Try visiting http://phpenv.app/ in the browser to make sure it works.

It doesn’t work. http://phpenv.app/ still displays “No input file specified”.

What’s going on? How can I troubleshoot?

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