Jsp-delete rows with unchecked checkbox

I have a table with about 20rows, which contain a checkbox and a bit of text each. What I’m trying to find a way to do is to have delete button at the bottom of the page.When i clicked on DELETE button, it should delete records of checked checkbox rows. I need to delete all the table rows which contain CHECKED textboxes.and remaining checkboxes should be displayed. And we should keep remaining checkboxes in ARRAYLIST.

I want to delete checked checkboxes.And store all unchecked checkboxes in Arraylist(collection). and print that arraylist.

I’ve been able to get bits of it to work at various times, but I’m running out of time and I really need help. Any suggestions anyone has would be more than appreciated!

Assuming that this is just a display thing (no database) and that the ArrayList contains objects that are used to build each row, a little routine called before displaying the rows should be able to easily determine whether or not the checkboxes were checked and remove as needed.

Thanks for your valuable reply… :thumbup:
But I have a arraylist of records. From that arraylist , if i want to delete some records of table ,then using checkboxes,after checking some of checkboxes, i want to delete selected (checked)checkboxes.And remaining checkboxes should be retained in that arraylist. So, previous arraylist is replace by new arraylist with same name.

Please, can you give me some code.Actually i tried hard to get it.But i am going out of time.So, please help me.

Thanks in advance !!! :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you’re stuck. I don’t know what code you have already written. I’m certainly not going to do your homework for you, so… :\