JSON character encoding issue

Anyone helop me how to create Json file uisng dreamweaver, wich document i need to select in dreamweaver and also created with notepad it showing encoding issue in firefox. Any idea?

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Without more background information, code examples, etc. this question isn’t answerable. Do you have more data that you can give us?

first of all i need to know how to create a json file using dreamweaver could you provide the steps?

I’m not aware that Dreamweaver can create a .json file per se, but in the files panel, with the files tab open, you can right click on a folder and select New File, renaming the file with any extension you like.

With Dreamweaver CC yes it can create JSON documents. It’s in the new document area, below JavaScript and above PHP.

If you want to check that your JSON structure is syntatically correct, you can use json formatter or other such services to check that everything is properly structured.

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Thanks for the reply.

how can we create using Dreamweaver 5, i don’t see such option.

You can create the .json file using something else such as Notepad.

hen you save the Notepad file with a .json extension, make sure that the save-as filetype is NOT on text documents. Be sure to open the “save as type” options and choose “All Files .” option when using Notepad to save as a .json file.

some times i am getting encoding issue while creating and how can i set UTF-8 in notepad.

When you look more closely at your Notepad save-as dialog box, you will see that there is an Encoding option there.

Thanks alot Paul for your quick and prompt responses.

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