JS shows $$ in media player

Hi all, I have this issue on my media player where it shows $$ instead of 3:15 (the song length).


Does anyone know what error this is and why? I also see it in the DevTools as $.$. when it’s supposed to show 0:00 as it does in the HTML.

I’ve looked into it a lot, still don’t know what’s going on.

Do you have a website to look at or code to share? Basically saying something is broken and then providing no context doesn’t really help anyone. :wink:


@Martyr2 yeah here’s the link :slight_smile:

Well… that page has a lot of issues. It is hard to see even what everything is doing because it is all over the place. You are loading like 4 different versions of the jQuery script which is a real problem. These scripts commandeer the use of the “$” symbol for a function call shortcut. This is usually fine, but the fact that you have 4 versions of the same script competing, I can only guess that somewhere along the line it is putting in the $ for the numbers.

In addition to this, you are attempting to load 3 different versions of fontawesome (where one appears to even fail to load). Again, another problem.

All these copies of the same scripts and files is leading your site to be very very slow. I assume you have noticed this. You have a lot of things going on in the page and I am not sure all these scripts are needed. You can load just one version of jQuery and have it work with many other widgets.

I also see that you have some script that is also pulling in other scripts that I can’t see.

Before worrying about the player numbers (the player itself seems to play music fine) I would look at how you can clean up some of these redundant scripts and speed up your site first before tackling something as minor as the numbering on the player.


Yes I’m aware of the issues.

I assume you have noticed this

No I’ve not noticed the fact that there are copies of the same script/files

Which scripts should I remove? Which fontawesome versions? Could you please point these out to me so I can sort it out? I’d muchly appreciate that.

He’s talking about this:

And this:

Then you have these, which shouldn’t be recognized, but browsers probably handle them, but they should be in the head

You’re loading this JS twice


@DaveMaxwell ok, thanks. I’ll try to see what I can do. Looks like they’re in DevTools. Is it possible to remove them and save changes there? I don’t see any of the recurring scripts more than once on my page, but I’ll check that again.

No, Dev Tools only makes changes at the client side in the browser. Though you can use them to see the effect of changing things, before you do it for real.
You will need to make changes to the files on the server.
Though you should probably make the edits on local files, to check everything works before uploading to the server.

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@SamA74 I don’t think I am using a server. Not sure though.

I mean, what’s the point of editing if I can’t save it?

I only see one copy of the scripts 3.2.1 3.4.1 and 1.9.1. Same in DevTools… unless you’re looking elsewhere? Like in View Page Source?

I’m not sure I can do this… I am not seeing multiple copies of anything here. Gonna need some help doing this.

Jquery appears on line 3 of the page source.
There are two more versions on line 4, but commented out.

Font awsome is on line 25.

Ok how do you want me to remove them when I can’t. There’s no way to edit the page source…I think…

I am looking at line 3 there… 3.4.1. is there but once.

I’m not familiar with using Tumblr, so I’m not sure how you go about editing the page/theme.
But I guess all that stuff didn’t put itself there.
I suppose it would be you, or whoever designed the theme/template.
There are all manner of widgets going on in the page. How did you add those, or did they come with the template?

Yes some of it I put there. The 3 col design was made with Paul O’Brien’s help. Before this, it was a different design/theme I had chosen, which someone else had done. The widgets I have copy pasted in there.

So are you able to access the code in the <head> section of the page?

Yeah the head starts with this <head prefix="og: https://ogp.me/ns# fb: https://ogp.me/ns/fb# blog: https://ogp.me/ns/blog#">

@SamA74 just to be sure I understand correctly, I only need one of those JS script versions then? Where I have 2.3.1. 3.4.1. etc, just one will suffice?