JS one letter "behind"

Hi all, I have a form with text fields that as they are being filled in show the text in another part of the page (like filling in a form as you type in). This works but it seems to be a letter “behind”- it only shows the first letter/number after I type in the second letter and the second letter when I type in the third etc etc
How can I get this to work? Thank-you http://tinyurl.com/262wryg

I agree with PhilipToop, If you use keyUp instead, the latest key would have been added to the register and it will show it all instead of doing the previous char.

You are handling the keyDown event which means the character you are currently pressing is not there. The keyUp event would probably suit you better.

Hi I have cleaned up the code and got rid of the irrelevant stuff, the file that does the filling in is


Where’s the code that handles the copying of the typed in characters?
(I tried to look in the JS, but there’s too much to find it easily).