JS, CSS, and library file organization?

How do you organize your JS, CSS, and library files on your site?

Do you have separate folders like the following relative to the web server root?


Where does a library like jQuery go? In the js folder?
What about your js? Do you namespace it and then create the appropriate directories? Say you have a obj like yourcompany.dom.myObj. Would it be locate in a folder path of root –> js –> yourcompany –> dom –> myObj.js

Have you thought about just having a library folder and then create different folders for each library including your own like:
root –> lib –> yourcompany –> js –> yourcompany –> dom –> myObj.js
…that may have associated CSS located in root –> lib –> yourcompany –> css

How do you do it? I have a lot of various js and css files and we use other libraries like jQuery and yahoo. I’m looking for ideas on organization.

thanks for the link!

Actually they do, you just didn’t seem to search hard enough (as this topic has been done to death):

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no one? I figure someone has an organization scheme they like?