JS Conflict causing admin panel issues

I’m having bizarre Admin Panel issues in my wordpress installation. http://devonline.staging.wpengine.com/

For instance, the Visual Composer has stopped functioning and now only displays shortcodes, or something close, in the editor window. In other words you can’t edit a page anymore unless you speak shortcode.

Additionally lots of tabs and buttons in the admin panel don’t function anymore. They don’t expand or collapse.

I’m thinking all these disparate bugs are all related to the same javascript issue … when I do a homepage refresh I get the following error: Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

This error is coming from a file called ga.js which, if I’m not mistaken, is the google analytics code. It’s nothing I’ve tampered with though.

I’m also worried about things like Jquery conflicts. Elsewhere I saw a $ is not a function error in the console which generally means no jquery, but that can’t be true … other modules that use Jquery still function.

Basically I have this site that is almost completed. It just all of sudden started up with the admin panel issues. I was hoping somebody with much better knowledge of javascript implementation than myself could make some sense of my dilemma. I know the site looks to be working from outside. Our issues are more behind the scenes in the WP dashboard. I think if we could clear up the JS errors, my admin panel functionality returns?

Thanks for your assistance.