Js checkbox

I’ve tried to implement the js checkbox linked below, as I’ll also need the toggle functions that come with it…

However, I got it displaying ok…but not functioning. On click - the checkbox will not get checked!

The website says…how to use: $(‘ANY’).checkBo();
the problem is, I’m not sure what to replace ANY with. The name of the checkbox?

I have…

<div id="test">

<label class="cb-checkbox cb-lg">
<span class="cb-inner">
<input type="checkbox" name="checkbox1" />


I looked over the web in developers view and noticed bootstrap includes…but the web says nothing about including bootstrap, so don’t think this is needed.

How/what on earth should I put in the ANY? I’ve tried checkbox1 and a few others

help greatly appreciated

Have you tried '.cb-inner' as that is the nearest value that is able to be referenced.

Hi Felgall, thanks for reply. Got it going now. Pretty sure I tried .cb-inner before. But anyway I added a document.ready load function and with .cb-inner we’re all good.

Thanks again

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