i want to highlight the particular area in map using jquery on button click
but i cant to get the area id in map.
i need script to highlight the particular area in map when the button click.

some one help me…
i am new to jquery…

thanks in advance

Is this a map area such as is described on this How to Make an Image Map page?

i create the map with area
i need to take the particular area id to highlight the area


<area id=“1” …>
<area id=“2” …>

here i need to get that id and highlight the particular area only

thanks in advance…

Here’s a jQuery map highlight, which also shows it being used in some demos, such as of a map of the world.
You can download it from http://davidlynch.org/projects/maphilight/

i already saw this site but its not working

pls send some other site for highlight the area

thanks in advance…

What is it about the demos on that site that doesn’t work for you?
If it is not the demos giving trouble but instead you own code based on them, it is not the sit having trouble, it is not their code that is having trouble, it is you having trouble instead, which is something that we can attempt to help you with.