JQuery validating


Does it possible to check data on another website with JQuery?
(e.g. Comparing if data entered in search box , match data on another website )

It could be done , with cURL (data downloaded then do some aactions on it) , but I saw some pages , where it was done much faster than cURL.

Ye , that’s exactly what I am needing.

Could you give some example , sample code?

JQuery is written in JavaScript and like all JavaScript only has access to information that is on the same domain as the script is on. The only way you could access another domain using any form of JavaScript (including JQuery) is to do an Ajax call to the server and have a server side script retrieve the data from the other site and pass it back to the current page. This might still use cURL but would appear to be faster because you are only reloading part of the web page and not the entire page.