jQuery-UI accordion - overlfow issue

Seems to be stuck w/an overflow-y on this page.
in the right sidbar with the accordion widget.
Already tried going over all the css and changed the the overflow from auto to visible where i could find. Didn’t work
Re-downloaded the theme from theme roller w/out the accordion widget, thinking that maybe I would get my previous accordion back. Didn’t work.
Really can’t find where the properties are set so the content of the accordion have an overflow and the min height of the accordion is 29px.
Please advise?

The height seems to be set by the JS in the section tag itself so I’ve moved this thread to the JS forum.

As a temporary solution you could force the issue but this is not the solution.

#accordion section{height:auto!important}

Hopefully a js expert will pass by and lend a hand :smile:

Thank @PaulOB but the very same js was working just fine before I uploaded the theme from theme roller.
& i only uploaded the css files. this used to work

 //accordion in sidebar
    $(function () {
     var icons = {
    header: "iconClosed",
    activeHeader: "iconOpen"
    $( "#accordion" ).accordion({
        header: "h3",
        active: false,
        collapsible: true,
        clearStyle: true,
        icons: icons,
        heightStyle: "fill"        

But will keep hunting around. thx

Ok all found the answer. used this in the js above:

heightStyle: "content",
autoHeight: false

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