jQuery tablesorter, pager plugin: SQL [offset, limit]


I discovered lately tablesorter and its plugin pager.
It’s cool and easy to use :cool:

But there is one missing thing! :sick: When you have a table with 7000 or 10 000 line the server send all the content which can take too much time or even not work with higher lines number (or when working on a computer with low performances)

That’s why it’s important to add offset and limit to the SELECT query. But how to make it work dynamically with the table pager?!!!

The tablesorter:

The pager plugin:

anyone has an idea?! :rolleyes:

Thanks :wink:

It’s not possible. Tablesorter is designed to work only with the complete set of table results on a single page.

While it’s possible to cache pager results, and use ajax requests to retrieve additional results from the server side, it would require extensive rewriting of the plugins to perform such a task.

Let’s look at some other options. There is for example, DataTables that seems to be a better fit for your situation.

Thanks for your answer … I used tablesorter & pager on many tables and I liked its style… :confused:
But it seems that I can’t keep going with it as you said …

I’ll try to search more … and if there is no way I’ll change the plugin :goof:

If I’m gonna use DataTables i’ll try to modify colors, especially inside the table…

Thanks again, and have a good day :slight_smile: