jQuery slideup/slidedown doesn't work in IE with position:relative

I made this quick 12sec/600KB screencast to help illustrate what’s happening:

There is a hidden div that contains the fieldset. The slide is applied to the div.

In Firefox, the element that has the slideDown/SlideUp effect applied works fine.

In IE7, the element just appears, then the elements around it slide (which appears broken)

The fieldset element has a position:relative property (which is needed for fixing CSS bugs on the legend tag)

If I remove the position:relative property, slideUp/slideDown works fine in IE7 (but breaks the legend tag)

Is there a way around this without having to remove the position:relative property?

Nevermind, I seem to have solved it.

Adding position:relative and zoom:1 to the div containing the fieldset seems to have worked.

thanks mate you saved my life! That works!!!

I was becaming crazy with that wierd behaviour with IE7…

looking for a solutions for days!