jQuery slider selection help

This is client design. Check slider. Those four paragraphs with titles are part of slider… He want them on slider itself and want to display them all the time. How can I?

I did search lot on web but didnt find any such slider? Do you have any in mind or any way I can achieve it?

I have done most of the things finally myself… please check following url http://wpguru.in/slider/

Download all files here http://wpguru.in/slider/test.dev.zip

Only problem I am seeing…when I click on prev and next buttons, those text paragraphs are not changed properly. It should just change like pics. Both pics and text should change together!


It seems to work ok for me on the iPad.
Was there a particular browser you are having problems with?
If you still need help, could you explain what exactly the problem with the paragraphs is?