jQuery slider on homepage

Hey folks!
Im practicing slicing PSD’s into valid XHTML, so i downloaded free PSD theme to practice with.Everything is okay from HTML/CSS end, but theme is using slider
on the homepage ( http://www.nineteeneightyone.com/other/01_HomePage.jpg ), so i was wondering do you know any free sliders that look like this so i could use it.

This is only temporary solution, after this im planning to dive into JS/Jquery, so i was wondering do i need both of them or i can do everything i want with jQuery?

Thanks for ur time :slight_smile:

jQuery is JavaScript. It’s just a library that makes coding faster. At any rate, here’s a 3d carousel like they have in the image: http://fredhq.com/projects/roundabout/

Good collections of jQuery slider scripts available in http://www.hscripts.com/scripts/jquery/index.php which are used by thousands of webpages.You can download it for free and use it for your home page.

The real world experience is that sometimes you will use one, and sometimes you will use the other–especially when you are first starting out. Although, for more advanced things, you will find that jQuery will get things done faster. That said (as with most of us), unless you have some REALLY good reason to create a JS web application from scratch, you really should use jQuery.

When it comes to what you should LEARN first, you are going to have to know at least a little javascript before diving into jQuery. When I say “little” I mean you should at least know what javaScript does from a high-level perspective, and how to include it in your projects. Beyond this, once you begin using jQuery, if you really have a love for this stuff, you are going to start “peeking under the hood” (most of us can’t help it), and saying to yourself, “…I wonder what will happen if I dooooooo…THIS!!!” And you’re gonna do it, screw it up, and end up in this forum asking questions about how to fix what you did. And when you do so, the answers will not be “jQuery” answers, they will be JAVASCRIPT answers; because “jQuery” is jQuery (a javaScript library), for sure. But it is javaScript through and through.

The bottom line is that, the difference between using jQuery and using javaScript is like the difference between using a sprinkler system to water your lawn, versus watering it with individual buckets of water. :wink:

Regarding sliders, google “anything slider”.

hope this helps.