JQuery slide play auto

I have customize a JQuery slide show. But it doesn’t load automatic :frowning:


Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery

What do you mean by “load automatic”?

Do you want the panels to slide by themselves, without clicking? If so, do you also want left/right arrows, stop/start on hover etc? There are lots of galleries out there, each slightly different, which you can use without having to change anything.

The sixrevisions site you got the code from isn’t loading for me, but I looked at the home_slide.js file you have on the site. There is nothing in there that is telling this slide show to do anything periodically. You would need/want to add some functions to next(), previous(), pause() and play() and then use the javascript function setInterval() that will trigger the next() function peridocally.

The code I see in there isn’t really built to function like that, extra controls would have to be added and logic around restarting your slideshow once it rotates to the end. Here is a quick example (untested and not ideal, but hopefully enough for you to get an idea):

var interval = null;

function play(delay) {
    interval = setInterval(next,delay*1000);

function pause() {

function next() {

function prev() {

play(3); // Start playing with a 3 second delay

I added the pause in because starting something triggered periodically you should always give users an option to stop or pause, you’ll probably want to add a design element that will give users control over playing and pausing your slideshow.

Hi Thanks for the reply.
If you look at this website the website which I’ve got the code and the last reply there is a comment with auto-slide tried that no luck
Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery