Jquery script works locally but not hosted

I’m developing a project where I’ve just recently uploaded to my host. The project involves jQuery and works fine locally on my system. However a specific jQuery plugin stops working on my project once it’s hosted. I’ve tried two hosts. This is a critical project and I’m not sure how to share it at the moment. Maybe I’ll upload an edited version with specifics redacted in a little while so that people can see. However, without looking at the page, does any one have any guesses or suggestions as to why this would happen?

The page includes a parallax effect which works fine. Some rudimentary jQuery hover animation. Also the “barousel” plugin (http://labs.juliendecaudin.com/barousel/). That “barousel” plugin, which is a carousel, does not work. Suggestions?

Well, there is always the obvious things to check for. Is the plugin script present on the server and if it is, is it in the correct location and being served up correctly.

An easy way to check is to visit your page using Chrome or Firefox and checking in the developer tools if the script is being loaded (in the Network tab).

Next up, still in the developer tools, check the Console tab so see if there are any JavaScript errors occurring, 1 small error can make an entire script (or site) fail, so it’s definitely worth checking.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

I didn’t have time to find specifics but some scripts located at the bottom of my page were causing problems. I overlooked them when using an HTML5 boilerplate. I’m still surprised it would work locally but not while hosted. I didn’t realize that could occur.