jQuery Problems

Live Version: http://rafflebananza.com/Header/Header.html

  1. Click on the advanced search icon
  2. Choose charitable causes option
  3. Last fields option for Established Between

In this area, I am trying to implement the jQuery Date Picker - Date Ranges, however I seem to have a problem I have discovered. This plugin is using the latest version of jQuery and upon switching my jQuery files on my page to the latest, this breaks my page.

I had someone hired to replicate a menu from a website I liked the look of, however mine looks far different now due to my modifications. I am currently modifying the version you see on desktop mode, therefore the tablet or mobile version will look a little messy at this moment of time. I discovered this person actually used a lot of the websites code leaving in styles and functions not needed for what I am wanting to accomplish, therefore I would not mind completely removing any jQuery files for someone to help me bring it up to date if needed.

Those who have seen my previous top navigation and have helped, your help has not gone to waste as I will be implementing this into this version under the links once I understand how to implement a drop down feature to them.

Best Regards,

Okay, all of a sudden the calendar is now showing… People have probably been reading this thinking it is showing so I’m sorry for that!