JQuery Problem

Does anyone know why my jquery news ticker is not working please?


Probably something simple - I’m very new to jquery.

These were the original instructions - http://www.jquerynewsticker.com/

Thanks James

Where’s the css file?

It’s not here.

Good point. It is now in there and nothing appears at all! Any further ideas please?!

It looks like the plugin isn’t supported by jquery now.

Hey buddy @jamesthemonkeh,

Did you put jQuery ticker plugin file on server? Below error occurs when browser try to load plugin file -

The document name you requested (/jquery.ticker.js) could not be found on this server. 

Second, this plugin is not compatible with jQuery latest versions. It use .live() API to bind events which is deprecated from jQuery version 1.9. To resolve this issue, you can do two things -

After making these two changes (using charles proxy feature of resource mapping), i am able to see ticker on site.

Below article will help you on how to use jQuery Migrate Plugin. Migration plugin script reference will always comes next to jQuery script reference on your page.


~ Happy Learning !!

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