jQuery PHP Product Filtering

Hi all, I have seen a website which has product filtering on the left with checkboxes, this must work through an AJAX request I’m guessing. I’ve taken a look at the source code but can’t seem to find the jQuery which controls this. Any ideas on how this can be done. The webpage can be found by clicking here. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The site you have linked to is using a product-filter.js script to achieve the checkbox filtering. I know very little javascript and ajax, hence why I have some questions posted which I’m desperatly looking for answers to so I don’t really know how to decipher the js but the file is there on the site.


I need similar jQuery PHP product filtering script. I checked the link which you have given & its working. I need this script urgently. Pls tell me where do you find the script. Pls share.

Their product filter seems to be one that they have developed themself, and is in their script file called product-filter.js