JQuery panel header background color

I am using JQuery + EasyUI, in the screenshot attachment, what is the backgroud color of “1234” ? I want the toolbar uses same color as the header above.


Waiting for the screenshot to be approved…

What browser are you using, please? You should be able to determine the colors using the browser’s dev tools. There are several plugins for Firefox that will do that for you and some image editors have a color-picker that will tell you.

A link to your web page would be accurate and faster.

Edit: The image has been approved and the background is a gradient :lol:

I’d suggest you send us a link to the site. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by: “I want the toolbar uses same color as the header above.” How it relates to this image.

The colors seem to range from #e0ecff just above the bottom border to #e5efff at the bottom of the number characters to #eaf2ff at the top of the number characters and then to #edf4ff at the top of the gradient.
Like this: