Jquery on ipad

Just wandering if anyone knows in terms of speed how a jquery runs on the ipad, I have heard that it can be quite slow.

jQuery itself isn’t too process intensive, it’s really down to the efficiency of the scripts people use and build using the framework. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few heavy jquery type pages grind to an occassional halt on an ipad, definitely worth considering optimising using something less heavy
Might be worth checking out mQuery, xuijs, and I think jQuery themselves are due out soon with a mobile optimised version

Sizzle provides a nice way to locate nodes using CSS selectors, but by nature its a resource intensive monster. Therefore the main concept of JQuery prompts poor design in terms of efficiency (among other things). I haven’t worked with JQuery to long, but looking at the sizzle engine, its will almost always be more efficient to use fundamental JavaScript to get nodes over the sizzle engine. It seems like that is were a majority of the bottleneck would lye. The “syntax” JQuery makes possible is nice, but it makes many sacrifices to do so.