Jquery menu works in IE9, nothing in FF

I am completely lost here. My page is http://myresearchfinder.com/dev/newchecktest.html

The first checkbox should spawn a menu and then the “breast” option could spawn another. It works flawless in IE9. But in FF 3.6 the first checkbox simply does nothing. In Chrome, it spawns the menu, but strangely the checkboxes in the next menu are not clickable. soooo weird. any ideas? this should be standard css/jquery.

ok I think I solved the arrow problems. now I have a new problem. After clicking “cancer” in the new menu checkboxes 2-5 are not clickable. Any ideas?

hmmm true. but when I define them the arrows don’t show up anyway http://myresearchfinder.com/dev/newchecktest1.html

in IE9 if I don’t define them, it seems to work lol

also the last menu records the checks,the jquery html()/append() doesn’t work, it won’t delete on uncheck, IE9 works but not in FF or chrome.

The javascript error console in Firefox says that ‘arrow’ and ‘arrow2’ are not defined, causing javascript errors which stop the page from functioning.