jQuery keeps adding comers to the result

I have some code Gist.github .
When I keep adding more lines from the input boxes, the result has ‘,’ added to the end and every line has more added.
If i have 2 lines I have 2 comers at the end, 3 lines 3 comers ect…
Does anybody know what causes this ?

Hi trikkky,

Do you have this code online somewhere that you could link to? Or, if not, could you share the HTML that goes with it? It’s hard to debug the code without being able to run it.

I have changed the selector to target a different input $(:input[placeholder]) as I think the .each was grabbing the input type="submit’ as I always had a blank one at the end. When I changed the selector it never had a blank field.

Does that mean you’ve managed to solve the problem? Or do you still need some help?