JQuery / JavaScript forum form

Hi All.

Looking for a little help if possible.

I’m trying to add a feature on my forum with the use of JQuery or JavaScript.

I would like extra fields for members to fill in along with the normal “message” area such as below.

And once the message is submitted, it should display the message in the following manner;

I have been told the using a JQuery or JavaScript form and intercepting that information upon the message submit in order to display the input information in the message body.

Has anyone got any idea of how this can be achieved ?



Do you want that information to be displayed only to the person who entered it, or to other people as well?

Hi Paul,

Preferably everyone who reads the forum thread should be able to see that information in the thread.

You need to be informed then that JavaScript will not be able to achieve that for you.

Instead of client-side scripting, which is JavaScript, you need server-side scripting and database support.

Ok, thanks Paul.