jQuery / javascript Code working in Chrome but not in IE


I have used getJSON and some other small javascript code in my page.
Its working perfectly in Chrome but not working in IE. I have IE 10.

	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
	function checkForm()
		if (document.f1.ctlPrice.value == "")
			alert ("Please specify Width and Drop then press Get Price button");
			return (false);
		else { return (true); }

	$(function() {
		$('#ctlCalc').live('click', function()
			maxWidth = <?=$a1["MaxWidth"]?>;
			maxDrop = <?=$a1["MaxDrop"]?>;
			if (ctlWidth.value > maxWidth) { alert ("Width cannot be greater than " + maxWidth); return (false); }
			if (ctlDrop.value > maxDrop) { alert ("Drop cannot be greater than " + maxDrop); return (false); }
				pid: ctlItemID.value,
				width: ctlWidth.value,
				drop: ctlDrop.value
				if (data.price != "")
					ctlPrice.value = data.price;
					$("#lblPrice").html("Price: &pound;" + data.price);
					alert ("Oops! An error occured");

If i put alert(“Ha”); in the code then its showing in IE but rest of the anything is not working. It means when I am clicking the ctlCalc button its firing the click and showing the alert but why anything else is not working only in IE ?

Please help.


Have you opened the developer console in IE to check for any JavaScript errors? You can open it by hitting F12 on your keyboard then switching to the console tab.


Thanks it helped to solve the issue.

Thanks again.