jQuery in 2023?

Is jQuery a good option to learn in 2023? I’m a complete begginner and I don’t want waste my time studying subjects that won’t be useful. Thank you so much!!

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As I like jQuery very much (especially the nice short operators for getting elements) I would not use it in a new project any more. I would focus on ES6 and fetch, with which you can do everything you need without adding a library


I used to use jQuery, but switched over to Vanilla JavaScript. I find you really don’t write that much more code, plus you don’t have to worry about using a Library making transporting the script easier. It’s also makes it easier for people who are learning JavaScript when they try do write their own code and wonder why it’s not working if it’s jQuery. Fetch to me is much more easier to understand than the way jQuery does it.

I find I use jQuery these days only for very specific functions and not much else, and that JS in general has adopted many of the shorter-form helper type code that made jQuery popular (I’m lookin at you, fetch).

I dont find it particularly useful for most scenarios, and I wouldnt use it as a beginner learning the language. Learn the actual base language first, then get fancy/use shortcuts where appropriate. There’s a reason maths teachers teach that way…

Once you have a reasonable foundation in Vanilla JS, if you do have to work with JQuery it will be quite easy to pick up.

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I fully concur with what has already been said – better learn the vanilla DOM APIs right away.

… just for another perspective though: jQuery is still pretty much ubiquitous, and if you’re about to get into FE development, you’ll find that you need to work with jQuery code rather sooner than later. So in this sense, it won’t be wasted time… just don’t start with it though, or you’ll be spoiled like forever. :-)


Eh… I still like jQuery. Sure for regular DOM manipulations and stuff you can do vanilla JS but for things like animations, effects and such I still find jQuery a nice addition. Plus I find some of the callback model still nicer to deal with (as long as not in callback hell) than a bunch of promises and such.

In short, I use it for new stuff in limited situations. :slight_smile:


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