jQuery image swap

I am attempting to implement this code here : Bridgford :: Ready to Eat - Products.

I am utilizing this tutorial : jQuery Tutorial – Image Swap On Click « Design Chemical – jQuery, Wordpress, Tutorials & Plugins

I have successfully implemented the hover but need to have the image stay when clicked. Can someone see what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Bridgford :: Ready to Eat - Products

Error: imgSwap is not defined
Line: 26


You need to select something the same way you do with CSS, or pass in a DOM object.

// select by ID 
$( '#imgSwap' ).preload(); 

// select by ClassName 
$( '.imgSwap' ).preload(); 

Awesome, I got the pre-loader to work but now I cannot get the image swap onclick to behave properly. Can you possibly see what I am doing wrong with this now?

Thanks again for the help!