Jquery hasClass() question

I’m using jquery kwicks for a menu type thing. The below code is what I currently have in addition to the kwicks script. HERE’S what I’m wanting to do, when the li element is hovered and kwicks opens it up and gives it a class of ‘active’ I want it to animate the content into the scene and animate it away when another kwicks element is chosen. As the script is currently, if you leave the kwicks menu (but don’t choose another pane) the content drops away (expected result). Seems like hasClass() only tests on document load. Is there another method for a constant test to see if something has a class and based on result fire the appropriate function?

Hope I’m being clear here, I’m a definite js noob.

$(function() {
     $('ul.kwicks li').hover(function(){
     }, function(){

okay, this MAY be soooo wrong, but i (what I feel like) *******ized the hover function into a mouseover state and came up with this:

$(function() {
     $('ul.kwicks li').mouseover(function(){
          $("ul.kwicks li:not(.active) div").animate({top:'185px'},{queue:false,duration:200});
	//}, function(){
	//	$(this).find('div').animate({top:'185px'},{queue:false,duration:500});

I left the commented code not only for myself but also for anyone that is ‘in the know’ about jquery to judge me. PLEASE slap my wrist if this is wrong. I hate/love being in a total learning state about something.