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I’ve been building a couple of websites using this free gallery:


I want to try and build multiple galleries on separate pages within my site and I was wondering how one goes about doing this? I assume I have to create another duplicate jquery script within my website folder and reference this on my new gallery page. And if I want to have customizable control of the thumbnails, image text, controls, etc on my new gallery will I have to create a separate CSS stye sheet specifically for this?

Any help much appreciated.


No, you don’t need to duplicate script file, you just want to run it with different options on each page as described here.

You will need separate styles definitions but all of them can be made in single file. You can specify different CSS classes for each gallery in options I mentioned above.

Thanks megazoid.

So I’ll need to change the class ‘picture-slides-container’, ‘picture-slides-fade-container’, etc, to something like ‘picture-slides-fade-container1’?

Sorry, I don’t see any description on the linked page, what are the different options?


Hi, is there anyone that can help me with this? I’ve been trying different stuff on my code all day and got nowhere. Apologies if I’m being dumb, and I know it might be something relatively simple, but what ‘options’ do I need to change to wrestle control of a second gallery?

Is there some way I can load my code to be viewed?



So what is your problem? What “got nowhere” means? If you can embed js script and initialize gallery on one page, why can’t you do exact same thing on another?

I can get both galleries to run on different pages but only under the same style definitions on my CSS. I’ve been experimenting by changing the class definitions in CSS to try and control the 2 galleries individually but to no effect.

My knowledge of java/jquery is rudimentary to say the least.

I’m sure I’m making a simple mistake somewhere - what did you mean by ‘options’ when you said ‘…you just want to run it with different options on each page as described’?

Thanks. P

Sorry, I didn’t mean actual “options”. I ment you can call your gallery script on different pages (options can be the same) and there is no need to duplicate .js-file for that.

I think you can wrap your second gallery in something like

<div id="my-second-gallery"> ... </div>

and then make custom styles with that selector like

#my-second-gallery .picture-slides-container { ... }
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Thanks for this megazoid. - works a treat. Apologies for the delayed response, bit of crisis at work last few days.

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