Jquery Flip! Question


I’m fairly green on jquery and javascript but would like to use the jquery flip plugin to add bring a portfolio showcase to life.

Got everything uploaded and working fine. However what I’d like to do is populate the slideshow with some structured content in divs including images links etc.

Content in the demo site is driven by the title information in the link:

$("#flipPad a:not(.revert)").bind("click",function(){
var $this = $(this);
direction: $this.attr("rel"),
color: $this.attr("rev"),
content: $this.attr("title"),
onBefore: function(){$(".revert").show()}
return false;

So if my link has, for example, title=“This is my new Content” it works fine.

But if I generate some content within a div and echo that into the link it becomes title=“<div><ul>…</ul></div>” and not suprisingly it falls over.

Any ideas for resolving this would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.