Jquery csv to table

I am using this jquerycsvtotable - jQuery CSV to Table reads in CSV or TSV data (both can be saved from Excel) and generates an HTML table - Google Project Hosting to generate an html table and populate it with data from a csv. This works great, but now I want to be able to add images in each row.

How can i modify the javascript to show an image if the path is entered into the csv file?

Modify the function CSVToTable in the file jquery.csvToTable.js

Your new code to see if the item is an image URL and if so print an image tag should start around line 131.

thanks. I don’t know how to write js for that, do you have any resources you can point me to, or what the search term I should use?

You need nothing but the most basic language syntax, so what you need is a book on learning JavaScript in general.

Getting closer I think. some help clarifying what i’m doing is a great help:

the lines in question:

$.each(items, function(itemCount, item) {
tableHTML += ‘<td class="’ + options.tdClass + ‘">’ + item + ‘</td>’;

I need to insert an “if” that looks for an image url and replaces with imag tag. Not sure where that goes exactly.
I know I want to show the image like this:
$(‘<img></img>’) .attr(‘src’, ‘images/’ + image_url)

any further help is appreciated folks.