jQuery - can this effect be achieved?

Is there anything in jQuery that would allow this kind of a transition?


well it was worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s animated the color of a div, which is being visually generated by the browser. Effects you can perform on an image are very limited because it’s not ‘rendered’ by the browser, it’s a resource the browser pulls in.

Flash on the other hand is a environment unto itself that you include in the browser and Adobe (or whoever buys it next) can give it the ability to do whatever they want.

I do actually have another option which involves affecting pixel color values. Is there anything in jQuery that can accomplish this burn out effect?:

I see it’s possible to do that with solid colors:

but what about a photo or a div container with mixed contents?

…all right… until then I’ll have to find a workaround

thanks guys

nope. I don’t think it works like that yet. Maybe in HTML 6. :slight_smile:

unfortunately this will be used over a pattern so the solution I’m looking for would have to incorporate some transparency acting on the div/image itself I guess. Is there such thing as applying masks to objects in jQuery?

you might be able to slide in a transparent png overtop your image if you’re doing this on a solid background.

Don’t know of any plugins which do this, but you could always create your own…

i.e. -you could have you image in one div, then in a nested div which overlays the div with the image, you could animate it to the right (the div would have a transparent background with a grey background on the left and the transparent curve on the right).

Hope this makes sense.